php Frameworks

PHP provides the best platform to the modern developers to develop complex and secure applications so that the applications can be operated at a greater level. Being the most modern programming language, it possesses many frameworks that are helpful in application development. Various PHP development frameworks come in different shapes and sizes. For an application developer, it is essential to have knowledge of all pros and cons of the frameworks so that he or she can resolve any difficulty in programming. The best PHP frameworks are:

1. Laravel
It is the most prominent PHP framework as it has expressive and accurate language rules. It can be coded proficiently. The main motto behind the Laravel invention is to create a free, open source network for all the users so that they can take complete advantage of this language. Some of the best features of this language are special inversion control container, big stout applications, communicative migration structure and finally strong professional building tools. These features make it the best among the rest.

2. CakePHP
It is the easiest framework ever with excellent powerful functions and features. Starting from configuration, how easy it is, if you do not need to configure it, yes CakePHP developer does not need to configure it, just a few tweaks and work with your installed database and you are all set to start your development with its pre loaded libraries. Makers of CakePHP kept few essential things in their mind and they provided some powerful and most desirable development features as a default like security measures, authentication practices and above of all easy session handling. If you are going to hire PHP developer than you should go through their free Cookbook, Screencasts and even their cheatsheet to manage your developer efficiently. Truly speaking the way CakePHP has provided these resources it made it a best choice for rapid web development services.

3. Yii
It is a quick and secure framework that enables high security and rapid response to the user as per the command. It is introduced to work with AJAX to increase the potential of the performance. It has a very good name in PHP development still. This is the ever best and mostly used framework by the developers to make the applications in a limited time. It shows outstanding user experience and features. This makes it best for the building up of applications in short time. This is an expert PHP framework that offers powerful catching assistance. So, it is emerging as an asset for the developers.

4. Codeigniter
It is a framework that has maintained itself for so long because of its lightweight and superior performance. It is a contemporary PHP framework which is faster than other PHP development frameworks. Together with speed, it is very easy to read and write which makes it user-friendly. It has a very simple installation procedure and needs minimum configuration. It offers complete freedom to the users as it doesn’t rely on the MVC development pattern. The specialty of this framework is that it also allows addition of third party plugins very easily which can be helpful in complicated functionalities. It has awesome security and encryption procedures.

4. Symfony
This framework is good for complex, difficult or large-scale enterprise projects. Symphony 2 is the foremost PHP framework used by the developers to create highly encrypted applications. It contains reusable and decoupled components. With its vibrant and active community can take the PHP to the next level where PHP can take a turn in a new way. You will be glad to know this thing that ever Laravel makes use of some of the features of the Symphony. So, this is an essential tool for PHP development. As well as its components employ many open source projects such as Drupal, Piwik, PHPBB, etc.

The above-mentioned PHP frameworks are the best to be used according to the requirement of the developer.